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Whether it's because you're transferring with your employer or want more room, it takes lots of thought to know when the time is right to sell your house. And no matter how nice your property may be, a house won't necessarily sell itself! The agent you choose makes or breaks your selling experience.

The smoothest transactions are a sign of a dedicated, experienced agent. Providing you a pleasant home-selling experience is simply what I do during every real estate transcation.

Check out some of the ways I 'll be the right real estate professional for you:

  • I look at home values on a daily basis in Bucklin and Bucklin and I can help you figure out exactly what your home should sell for and get the best purchase price possible.
  • Your house will be in top condition for Open House events in Bucklin.
  • I'm here when you need me — by email, in person, and even through text message. You're my top priority and my schedule and values reflect that.
  • I’ll promote your home as a top priority, ensuring it gets the exposure it commands in all available avenues, even nationally. Every agent in Bucklin will see your great home.

As a favored real estate agent in Bucklin, I'll strive to get the best price for your home and get it off the market quickly. It's easy to snap up the first real estate agent who seems nice enough, but selecting the right agent takes planning.

Your house spends fewer days on the market in Bucklin, Kansas when you have a top-selling, honest agent championing for you. I'm ready to address any reservations that you have about selling your house. E-mail Cossell Enterprises, Inc at or call 620-826-3340.

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